Microsoft Integrates AI Text Generation into Windows 11 Notepad

Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot has been making waves. First, it was extended from Windows 11 to Windows 10. Then, it made its way to Android. Now, it seems like Notepad on Windows 11 is next in line for some AI magic.

Microsoft’s been busy, you see. They’ve been integrating AI into various aspects of their ecosystem. And now, Windows enthusiasts have found something interesting. References to a potential AI bot, possibly named Cowriter, have been spotted in the Notepad app package. This aligns with Microsoft’s efforts to enhance user experience by integrating AI functionalities into its applications.

Windows Copilot, Microsoft’s all-purpose digital AI assistant, has been evolving. And now, it seems Notepad is getting its own AI companion. References in the app package folder suggest a ChatGPT-powered bot may be on the horizon. Tentatively called Cowriter, this AI assistant could provide users with text generation capabilities directly within the Notepad app. The files include references like “CoWriterCreditLimitDialog” and “CoWriterDropDownButton,” indicating potential UI elements for managing the AI’s features.

The addition of an AI-powered text generation feature in Notepad signals a potential revamp of the iconic text editor. The discovery hints at the possibility of a credit system, where users may have usage quotas for the AI feature. Similar to other Microsoft AI-powered features like Bing Image Generator or Cocreator in Paint, users may receive credits to generate unique content within Notepad, with the potential for boosts and a subsequent slower generation process once the initial credits are used up.

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced this AI-powered text generation feature, Windows Insiders have uncovered UI references like “CoWriterDropDownButton” and “CoWriterInfoButton,” suggesting buttons for accessing the Notepad AI feature and seeking help or additional information.

Notepad’s AI tool will likely provide users with context-specific suggestions for their text, similar to the Editor feature introduced in Microsoft Edge. The promotional image found in the updated app package indicates that users may receive multiple suggestions for a text selection, offering modifications related to “Length,” “Tone,” “Format,” and “Instructions.” This aligns with Microsoft’s broader strategy of integrating AI to enhance productivity and user engagement across its suite of applications.

While Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed any details about the official release, speculation suggests that Notepad’s AI feature might undergo testing soon, with a potential waitlist for interested users, possibly within the Windows Insider community. Microsoft continues to explore innovative ways to leverage AI to offer more intelligent and context-aware tools to its users.

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