Motorola Razr 2023 Teardown Uncovers Repair Challenges


1. The Motorola Razr 2023 foldable phone has undergone a teardown to reveal its internal components.
2. Battery replacements for the Razr 2023 are not easy, as they require the use of isopropyl alcohol and a pry tool to detach the battery from its housing.
3. The new Motorola foldable phone, including its soldered charging port and complicated internal structure, is considered difficult to repair.
4. The teardown of the Razr 2023 received a repairability score of 6 out of 10 from PBKReviews.

## Motorola Razr 2023 Teardown: Battery Replacements and Repair Challenges

Motorola’s latest foldable phone, the Razr 2023 (also known as the Razr 40), has undergone a teardown by PBKReviews, the popular YouTube channel known for dissecting new smartphones. Previously, PBKReviews showed the impressive cooling system of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE during a teardown.

The Razr 2023 and the Razr+ (Razr 40 Ultra) are the two clamshell foldables launched by Motorola this year. One notable difference between the two is the larger cover screen on the Razr+. PBKReviews performed a teardown of the Razr 2023 to reveal its internal components. The process involved removing the SIM tray and peeling off the back panels with the help of heat to soften the adhesive.

Motorola has applied a graphite film on the underside of the back panels to aid in heat transfer from the phone’s body. Inside the phone, 14 screws hold the internal components together. PBKReviews mentions that the screws are not uniform in size, so individuals attempting to dismantle the phone at home should proceed with caution. The battery, wireless charging, and NFC cables are secured with a metal bracket.

Disconnecting the cables allows for the removal of the sub-board, which includes the phone’s USB-C charging port. This step then enables the extraction of the larger battery. However, Motorola has not provided pull tabs for easy removal. Instead, dissolving the adhesive with isopropyl alcohol and carefully using a pry tool is necessary to detach the battery from its housing. The same process applies to the smaller battery at the top.

Using a pry tool, the cover display can be easily removed. The main board, on the other hand, has a cover with seven additional screws holding it in place. This cover also has a cable attached to it, which needs to be disconnected. Once removed, another layer of graphite film is visible on top of the main board. This film extends over to the secondary battery. Finally, removing the main board reveals a graphite film beneath it.

Overall, the teardown and repair process of the new Motorola Razr 2023 is deemed to be quite difficult. A soldered charging port, the absence of battery pull tabs, and a complex internal structure contribute to PBKReviews giving it a repairability score of just 6 out of 10. The full teardown and re-assembly video of the phone can be watched below.

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