Nearby Share’s New Name Raises Interesting Question


  • Google is planning to change the name of its Nearby Share service, which comes pre-installed on Android devices and is used for sending and receiving files via Wi-Fi.
  • The new name for Nearby Share is Quick Share, as revealed in the latest beta update to Google Play services.
  • Along with the new name, a new icon has also been introduced. However, other than the name and icon change, everything else about the service seems to be the same.
  • The name ‘Quick Share’ is also used by Samsung for its file-sharing software, leading to speculation that Google and Samsung may plan to merge their file-sharing services.

  • Looks like Google’s got a plan up its sleeve. They’re thinking of renaming their Nearby Share service. You know, the one that comes pre-installed on Android devices? Yeah, that one. It’s used for sending and receiving files via Wi-Fi. Kinda like AirDrop, but for Android.

    Now, here’s the interesting bit. The new name they’ve chosen for Nearby Share has got us scratching our heads.

    This juicy tidbit comes from a tipster named Kamila. She noticed the change after installing the latest beta update to Google Play services. The version? 23.50.13. And voila! Nearby Share morphed into Quick Share.

    But wait, there’s more. Kamila got a notification about the name change. And guess what else? A new icon popped up too. It’s got two arrows pointing at each other. You can check it out in the gallery below.

    Apart from the name and icon switcheroo, everything else seems to be the same. Why Google decided to change the name of Nearby Share, we’re not sure. The name’s been around for 3 years, and it’s pretty decent.

    Here’s another twist. ‘Quick Share’ is also the name of Samsung’s file-sharing service. It comes pre-installed on Galaxy phones. Coincidence? We think not.

    Google must know that Samsung uses the same name. So, why the change? Could it be that Google and Samsung have struck a deal? Maybe they plan to merge their file-sharing services. That’s pure speculation, though.

    The two tech giants have teamed up several times in the past. So, this wouldn’t be a huge surprise. The name of the service isn’t the big deal here. What matters is that it comes pre-installed on Android devices, like it always has.

    Google will probably spill the beans about this change once it’s part of the stable channel. For now, it’s just a beta change. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

    Craig Diaz
    Craig Diaz
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