New Call Screen Trick for Pixel Phones


1. Pixel phones now have a feature called Call Screen that allows users to screen and filter out spam and unknown calls.
2. The Call Screen feature can now ask your contacts if the call is urgent, helping you prioritize which calls to answer immediately.
3. The feature is powered by generative AI on Pixel devices and may also include more contextual responses for certain types of calls in the future.
4. It is unclear if all Pixel phone users will be able to see this new feature, but it has been rolling out gradually over the past few weeks.

Pixel Phones Now Ask If Calls Are Urgent

Google’s Pixel phones, including the most recent Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, now have a new feature called Call Screen that allows users to determine if a call is urgent. This feature aims to prevent interruptions and is particularly useful for avoiding spam calls. By using generative AI, the Call Screen feature filters out unwanted calls so users never have to be bothered by them. In addition, Google plans to enhance the feature by including more contextual responses for specific types of calls.

Screen and Filter Out Calls with Call Screen

Call Screen already enables users to screen and filter out calls from spam or unknown numbers. However, sometimes users receive calls from friends or family that they would prefer not to answer at the moment. With the new Call Screen trick, Google Assistant prompts contacts to indicate if the call is urgent. This allows users to prioritize important calls and decide whether they should answer immediately or call back later.

Details on the New Feature

Mishaal Rahman discovered the ask if urgent chip on X (via Android Police), where he observed that it appears on the screen when a contact calls. It’s unclear if the chip is only visible to contacts, as this has not been confirmed. It’s also unknown if all Pixel users can see this chip, but it seems to have been rolling out over the past few days. If users haven’t noticed the feature yet, it may appear in the coming weeks.

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