New Google Notes Feature for User Comments on Web Pages


  • Google has rolled out an experimental feature called “Notes” beneath webpage search results
  • Search results now prioritize content from Reddit in response to user trends
  • The Notes feature allows users to share quick tips and insights directly on webpage search results
  • Google clarifies that the Notes feature is not intended to replace existing content or compete with native comment systems

Google’s Experimental “Notes” Feature

Google Search Labs has rolled out a new experimental “Notes” feature for Android and IOS users in the US and India. This feature allows users to add comments beneath webpage search results, providing helpful tips and insights.

Search Results Prioritize Reddit Content

The latest Google updates have included a priority for content from Reddit in search results. This was in response to a growing trend of users searching for information on Reddit.

Enhancing Web Pages with Human Interaction

The introduction of the Notes feature establishes a comment section beneath web pages, allowing users to assess the usefulness of content. This feature aims to enhance web pages’ usefulness through human interaction, allowing users to engage with notes by liking, sharing, and saving them.

Experimental Trial and Future Plans

The Notes feature is part of a Google Labs experimental trial and not a permanent addition. User feedback will be analyzed to assess the feature’s contribution to the platform. Additionally, Google plans to launch a feature that allows users to follow specific searches and receive updates through app notifications.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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