No New iPads Coming This Year: Disappointing Update


– Apple will not be releasing new iPads in the fall, but will release three new iPads in the spring.
– The new iPads will include an iPad 11th-generation, iPad Mini seventh-generation, and an iPad Air sixth-generation.
– These new iPads will not be full redesigns, but rather smaller changes.
– The original Apple Pencil will likely be discontinued soon, potentially when the iPad 9th-generation gets discontinued.

No New iPads in Fall, But Three Coming in Spring

The rumor mill has been buzzing about the possibility of new iPads this fall. However, it seems that Apple has broken tradition and will not be releasing any iPads this season. On the bright side, three new iPads are set to arrive in the spring.

According to Gurman’s Power On Newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch an 11th-generation iPad, a seventh-generation iPad Mini, and a sixth-generation iPad Air in March 2024. These are not complete redesigns, but rather smaller changes to the iPads. Consequently, we may not see a new iPad Pro during this time. Gurman suggests that only minor upgrades have been confirmed so far, which aligns with the fact that we are still about five months away from the release.

The Curious Case of the New Apple Pencil

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the new Apple Pencil for various reasons. It is an unusual product update from Apple, as it no longer charges magnetically but connects magnetically instead. Additionally, it now uses a USB-C port and has removed pressure sensitivity. As a result, it is now a much cheaper option compared to the original Apple Pencil, which was introduced eight years ago with pressure sensitivity.

Gurman provides some insights into this new product. He believes that the original Apple Pencil will be phased out soon, likely when the ninth-generation iPad is discontinued. This is because the new Apple Pencil is not compatible with the only iPad in Apple’s lineup that still uses a Lightning port. Interestingly, this is what I initially assumed when the product was announced last week.

In summary, the Apple Pencil lineup will remain confusing until the old ninth-generation iPad is discontinued. At that point, there will be a choice between a $79 Apple Pencil or a $129 Apple Pencil. However, it is possible that the ninth-generation iPad will continue to be available for a while, as it is a popular option in the education sector due to its affordability.

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