Nothing Phone (2) gets a boost with Nothing OS 2.0.3 updates.


1. Nothing OS 2.0.3 has started rolling out to the Nothing Phone (2) with new features and bug fixes.
2. New features include a Compass widget, a UI element for pocket mode, support for Zomato in Glyph Progress, and an improved ‘OTG Compatibility’ toggle in Settings.
3. Improvements and bug fixes include increased screen recorder capture resolution, adjusted animation and pop-up speed, improved haptic feedback and NFC stability, improved Bluetooth connection stability, and minor UI adjustments.
4. The Nothing Phone (2) is the company’s latest smartphone, released in July.

Nothing OS 2.0.3 brings new features & various improvements to the Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing OS 2.0.3 has started rolling out to the Nothing Phone (2), with new features in tow. Several new features have been added, smaller ones, but the focus here is mostly on improvements and bug fixes.

This update weighs 99.39MB, and it’s rolling out as we speak. Do note that it’s a staged rollout, so you may not get the update immediately. You may have to wait for days, but it’ll get there, don’t worry.

Let’s talk about new features first, shall we? Nothing added a Compass widget to the phone. You can swipe down over it to get more information. A new UI element has been added too, to show when the device is in pocket mode.

Nothing has also added support for Zomato in Glyph Progress. The last addition to the features category is an improved ‘OTG Compatibility’ toggle in Settings -> Connected devices -> Connection preferences.

7 different improvements are listed

Now, when it comes to improvements and bug fixes, there are 7 entries here. So, quite a few. Nothing is working hard to make the OS as smooth as possible, and as bug-free as possible. So, let’s see what’s changed.

Nothing increased the Screen Recorder capture resolution. The company also adjusted the animation speed of the keyboard, the pop-up speed. The haptic feedback has been improved in general, and the same goes for NFC stability.

The Bluetooth connection stability has been improved in various scenarios, while other minor UI adjustments have been made. The last entry on this list says that Nothing also pushed out minor bug fixes.

The Nothing Phone (2) is the company’s latest smartphone, and second overall. It was announced back in July, and it is quite smooth, but things could always be better, so… there you have it.

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