Official Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Colors Leak


1. The leaked images show the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in four different colors, including black, green, white, and purple.

2. These leaked renders are believed to be the official promotional renders from Samsung for marketing campaigns.

3. Previous leaks only showed the black and white models, but these renders confirm that the phone comes with three rear camera sensors.

4. The colors of the phone are similar to the original Galaxy S23, with one less color option and different names.

5. The leaked renders suggest that the phone is almost ready to launch, and all of these colors should be available worldwide, although some colors may be limited to certain regions or storage size options.

Leaked Renders Show Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in Four Colors

Recently leaked official promotional renders from Samsung reveal the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in four different colors. Previous leaks only showed two colors, black and white, which are likely to be called Graphite Black and Pearl White. However, the new renders showcase additional colors including Purple Lavender and Olive.

Galaxy S23 FE Leak Confirms Four Colors

The leaked renders confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE will feature three rear camera sensors. The colors shown in the renders include black, green, white, and purple. Although there appears to be a fifth phone in the image, its color cannot be determined as only the front display is visible in the render.

These leaks suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is nearing its launch. It is expected that all of these colors will be available worldwide, although certain colors may be exclusive to specific regions. Additionally, it is possible that different storage size options may limit the availability of certain colors.

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