OnePlus 12 Color Options and Three Versions Confirmed


  • The OnePlus 12 will be available in White, Green, and Black color options.
  • A wood texture backplate or case may also be available as an option.
  • There may be more than one model of the OnePlus 12 released globally.
  • The OnePlus 12 will feature 50W wireless charging, IP68 certification, and a new camera setup.

OnePlus 12 Flagship Colors and Features

OnePlus confirms color options for the upcoming OnePlus 12 flagship. The official debut is scheduled for December 4 in China, with a global launch following in January. There may be multiple OnePlus 12 models released, according to a well-known tipster.

Three Color Options

The OnePlus 12 will be available in three colors: White, Green, and Black. These colors have significant meanings: White represents space, Green represents nature, and Black is an homage to OnePlus’ 10th anniversary.

Wood Texture Backplate

The color options are confirmed for the Chinese market; it is unclear if the global model will offer the same choices. There are indications that a wood texture backplate or case will also be available for the OnePlus 12.

Design and Features

The OnePlus 12 will bear a resemblance to its predecessor in terms of design. It will feature a curved display with a camera hole, as well as a prominent camera island in the top-left corner on the back. Additionally, the phone will offer 50W wireless charging, IP68 certification, and a new camera setup utilizing the Sony LYT-808 main camera sensor.

Performance and Display

The device will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and is expected to offer high-end RAM and storage options. The display will feature a BOE X1 screen with high brightness and a 120Hz refresh rate. The OnePlus 12 will also include a large battery with fast charging capabilities.

Regardless of these details, more information about the OnePlus 12 is expected to be revealed on December 4.

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