OnePlus Introduces Canvas Multitasking to OnePlus Pad


1. OnePlus has developed software called the OnePlus Canvas, which allows for intuitive multitasking on their devices.
2. The OnePlus Canvas allows users to swipe between multiple apps in full-screen mode with simple gestures.
3. The software is currently available on the OnePlus Open foldable phone, but OnePlus has confirmed that it will also be coming to the OnePlus Pad.
4. The OnePlus Canvas is a highly flexible multitasking system that stores active apps outside of the viewable screen space, allowing for a greater number of active applications.

OnePlus Pad to Receive Game-Changing OnePlus Canvas Software

OnePlus has unveiled its first foldable device, the OnePlus Open, which impressed with its hardware borrowed from parent company Oppo. Beyond its impressive hardware, the OnePlus Open also introduced the groundbreaking OnePlus Canvas software. Unlike competitors’ split-screen and pop-up views, the OnePlus Canvas allows users to seamlessly swipe between multiple apps in full-screen mode with simple gestures. Now, OnePlus has confirmed that this innovative software will be coming to the OnePlus Pad, making it one of the top Android tablets on the market.

During a Reddit AMA, a user asked if OnePlus would bring the software to other devices. Mingyu Zheng, a social media manager for OnePlus, responded with good news – they are working on bringing the stunningly intuitive OnePlus Canvas to the OnePlus Pad. Although no timeframe was given for the feature’s debut on the tablet, OnePlus is clearly committed to the tablet form factor and is reportedly developing a budget alternative called the OnePlus Pad Go.

What is the OnePlus Canvas?

The OnePlus Canvas is a multitasking system that mimics desktop windows management. It allows users to open apps in split-screen view like other foldables. However, the software also stores active apps outside of the visible screen space, which can be revealed with simple gestures. This feature surpasses other multitasking views that have limited space for app allocation.

Initially designed for the OnePlus Open, a folding phone with a 7.82-inch main screen, the OnePlus Canvas is expected to be even more valuable on the OnePlus Pad. The tablet, which has an 11.6-inch display and more power, should provide better performance for this multitasking software.

While it’s uncertain when the OnePlus Canvas will debut on the OnePlus Pad, the fact that it is in development is promising. If it does make its way onto the tablet, it has the potential to become the best multitasking system on any tablet, rivaling the Stage Manager on iPadOS. OnePlus Pad users may be pleasantly surprised by this addition, solidifying the device’s place in the market.

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