OnePlus reveals hinge and durability testing process in Open video


1. OnePlus is using a lighter alloy, carbon fiber, Cobalt Molybdenum, and Zirconium to make the phone lighter without compromising quality.
2. The OnePlus Open has undergone extensive durability testing, including water resistance tests, drop tests, button tests, and charging tests.
3. The company used a tumble machine to test the phone’s resistance to impact.
4. The design of the OnePlus Open is partially revealed, with images shown in the article.

A Closer Look at OnePlus Open’s Durability Testing Process & Hinge

OnePlus recently released a video showcasing the durability testing process and hinge of its upcoming OnePlus Open phone. The video was created by Michael Fisher, a renowned foldable smartphone enthusiast.

In the video, MrMobile was invited to China by OnePlus to examine the phone’s internals and witness the rigorous durability testing process. Lasting 10 minutes, the video can be found below the article.

To ensure a lightweight design, OnePlus is using a lighter alloy and incorporating carbon fiber. Additionally, Cobalt Molybdenum and Zirconium are being utilized to maintain product quality while reducing weight.

The OnePlus Open also boasts a drainage system inside its hinge to handle any potential water ingress. The phone undergoes comprehensive water resistance tests and is repeatedly dropped to ensure its durability.

OnePlus conducts various tests, including button tests, charging tests, and fold tests. The embedded video provides extensive information about these procedures. Notably, OnePlus subjected the phone to 30 repetitive drops from a height of 1 meter and tested its resistance in a tumble machine.

While the video showcases aspects of the phone’s design, certain parts—such as the device’s back and software under the lock screen—were not revealed. Some images from the video can be viewed in the gallery below, with more available in the provided link.

The highly anticipated OnePlus Open, OnePlus’ first foldable smartphone, will be officially announced on October 19. Notably, the OPPO Find N3, which shares an identical design, will also be announced on the same day.

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