OPPO Challenges Galaxy Fold Longevity with Find N3 Series


  • Oppo claims its Find N3 series foldables to be TUV Rheinland certified for 1 million folds, challenging the durability of Samsung’s Z Flip and Fold devices.
  • The reasons behind Oppo’s rating adjustment remain unknown, but Samsung’s Z Flip 5 is only certified for 200,000 folds.
  • Practical durability may differ due to various factors, with Samsung’s foldables featuring IPX8 water-resistance rating compared to Oppo’s IPX4 splash resistance.
  • The tests for foldable durability do not measure natural deterioration over time, and only real-world usage will reveal the true performance of Oppo’s Find N3 series compared to Samsung’s Galaxy foldables.

Oppo’s Find N3 Series Foldables: Durability Claims and Certification

In the world of foldable smartphones, Oppo has made a bold claim about the durability of its Find N3 series foldables. The company claims its Find N3 Flip and Find N3 to be TUV Rheinland certified for an impressive 1 million folds.

Challenging the Competition

This assertion challenges the competition, particularly Samsung’s fifth-generation Z Flip and Fold devices, at least on paper. The 200,000 fold rating suggests quite a bit of difference in durability compared to OPPO’s offerings.

Oppo claims 1M folds certification, surpassing its previous hunch on Find N3 Flip.

The Mystery Behind the Rating Adjustment

The reasons behind this rating adjustment remain shrouded in mystery. The methods of testing could have been changed, yielding a better result. But no specific details have been provided by the company. It might be possible that OPPO was keeping the numbers a bit conservative, and later the device performed better in a standardized test.

In contrast, Samsung utilizes a different certification body, collaborating with Bureau Veritas, which officially rated the Galaxy Z Flip 5 for 200,000 folds.

Comparing Practical Durability

Oppo’s Find N3 series boasts a significantly higher fold certification than Samsung’s foldable lineup. However, practical durability may differ due to various factors.

For instance, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 feature an IPX8 water-resistance rating, ensuring protection against submersion in water. In contrast, Oppo’s foldables hold only splash resistance, or in other words, they are rated at IPX4.

An important factor to take into account is that the tests are conducted almost non-stop. As a result, it does not measure the natural deterioration process that would take place in the hinge components during the next 2-3 years of usage in the presence of foreign objects. In this context, superior ingress protection (IP rating) could potentially offer advantages, particularly favoring the Galaxy foldable.

OPPO is putting a lot of emphasis on numbers. But only time will reveal whether its Find N3 series can indeed outperform Samsung’s fifth-generation Galaxy foldables in real-world usage.

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