OPPO Find N3: New image leaks and security chip revealed


1. The OPPO Find N3 has appeared in new images, showcasing its design and features.
2. The phone has three cameras on the back, including a periscope telephoto unit, and Hasselblad branding.
3. The cover display has thin bezels and a centered display camera hole, with the power/lock key possibly doubling as a fingerprint scanner.
4. The OPPO Find N3 will have an independent security chip and is set to launch on October 19.

## OPPO Find N3: New Images of the Device

Well-known tipster Evan Blass has shared two new images of the OPPO Find N3. One image is a render of the device, while the other is a real-life shot.

### Render Image: Gold Color and Cameras

In the first image, we see the gold color of the unfolded device’s back side. The cameras, including a periscope telephoto unit, are clearly visible. Hasselblad branding is also present.

### Real-Life Image: Black Version with Vegan Leather

The second image shows a real-life shot of the black version of the OPPO Find N3, featuring a vegan leather backplate. This color scheme is similar to the OPPO Find N2, which received positive reviews.

### New “Independent Security Chip”

Rumors suggest that the OPPO Find N3 will include an “independent security chip” for enhanced hardware-level security.

### Launch Date

The OPPO Find N3 will launch on October 19, the same day as the OnePlus Open, and both devices will share the same design.

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Craig Diaz
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