Pixel Car Crash Detection expands to more regions


1. Car crash detection is an important feature for phones to have.
2. The feature is expanding to more markets and regions, including India, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, and Belgium.
3. Language support for car crash detection may be lacking in certain regions, such as Hindi in India.
4. The expanded functionality is only available on Pixel 4a or later models, excluding older Pixel phones.

Car Crash Detection Expands to More Markets
Car crash detection is an important feature for Pixel devices, and it is now expanding to more markets. This feature uses the phone’s sensors to detect accidents and notify emergency personnel.
Expanding to Five More Countries
The good news is that this feature is now available in five more countries – India, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, and Belgium. This brings the total number of supported countries to 20. However, there are some missing languages, like Hindi in India. Hopefully, language support will be added in the future.
Limited Availability for Older Pixel Phones
If you are using an older Pixel phone, you may not have access to this expanded functionality. The Google support page now states that car crash detection is only available on the Pixel 4a or later. Some users with Pixel 4 XL still have access to the feature, suggesting that it’s not available on phones before the Pixel 4a. Nevertheless, it’s great to see Google expanding this feature to more places.

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