Popular iPhone buyers prefer installment payments


1. The survey reveals that a higher percentage of iPhone buyers choose to purchase their devices through installment plans compared to Android buyers.
2. The limited options and higher prices of iPhones make installment plans a more affordable option for Apple fans, while Android users have a wider range of choices in terms of brands, prices, and specifications.
3. Android users have more flexibility in their budget and can choose from a variety of smartphones with different price ranges when opting for installment plans.
4. Retailers often offer attractive installment plans without any interest, making it a more appealing and affordable option for iPhone buyers.

Comparison between Android and iPhone Buyers: Installment Payments

iPhone Buyers and Installment Plans

According to a new survey, a higher percentage of iPhone buyers prefer purchasing their devices through installment plans rather than one-time payments. The survey reveals that 55% of iPhone buyers make use of installment plans, while 38% choose to make a one-time payment. The remaining 7% use other means for purchasing their new iPhones.

Android Buyers and Payment Options

On the Android side, 44% of buyers opt for installment plans, 49% prefer one-time payments, and 7% use other payment methods. The statistics clearly show that iPhone buyers are more inclined towards installment plans when purchasing a new device.

Reasons for iPhone Buyers’ Preference

The Android and Apple markets are vastly different, making comparisons between the two confusing. Android has numerous manufacturers offering devices at different price points, providing buyers with a wide range of choices in terms of brand, price, and specifications.

On the other hand, purchasing an iPhone is more limited, with only four new devices released each year, all priced above $700. Most iPhone buyers may not want to make a large one-time payment for their devices, hence their preference for installment plans.

Installment plans make purchasing a new device more financially manageable. Android users have the flexibility to choose from budget-friendly $200 smartphones to more luxurious $1,000 devices. The majority of Android users who choose installment plans fall within the $1,000 range.

Furthermore, many retailers offer attractive installment plans that do not require users to pay interest. This affordability and buyer-friendly nature of installment plans make it the preferred method for many iPhone buyers.

The flexibility in pricing of Android devices explains their 10% lower usage of installment payments compared to iPhones. This survey provides valuable insights into the purchasing preferences of Android and iPhone buyers when it comes to new devices.

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