Possible iPhone 16 to feature 120Hz display, according to unreliable leak


1. The iPhone 16 is rumored to have a 120Hz display.
2. The tech community has expressed frustration that the iPhone 15, priced at $799, only has a 60Hz display.
3. The source of the leak, Majin Bu, has a history of posting inaccurate information.
4. According to Ross Young, ProMotion (120Hz) is expected to come to standard iPhones in 2025, not the iPhone 16.
5. Most consumers are not concerned about the refresh rate of the iPhone 15, but having 120Hz on all displays would be significant for the supply chain and Apple’s optimization efforts.

iPhone 16 Leak: 120Hz Display

As pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series opened today, a new leak from Majin Bu on X has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts. According to the leak, the iPhone 16 will feature a 120Hz display, which has been a hot topic of discussion lately.

For many, it’s hard to fathom that the $799 iPhone 15 still retains a 60Hz display. However, if Apple were to adopt a 120Hz display for a non-Pro iPhone, they might need to rebrand it. Currently, Apple refers to the 120Hz display as “ProMotion”, and it seems unlikely that they would add a “pro” feature to a non-Pro iPhone.

While this leak should be taken with caution, as Majin Bu’s information is not always accurate, it’s worth noting that renowned analyst Ross Young predicts that ProMotion will be introduced to standard iPhones in 2025, possibly on the iPhone 17.

Consumer Perspective on iPhone 15’s 60Hz Display

Surprisingly, most consumers do not care whether the iPhone 15 adopts a 60Hz or 120Hz display. In fact, many are not even familiar with the concept of “hertz”. The concern regarding the $799 price point and its 60Hz display primarily stems from the tech community.

However, if Apple were to implement a 120Hz display across all its devices, it would have significant implications for the supply chain. The refresh rate is currently the major differentiating factor between displays. Apple has a reputation for optimizing its supply chain to maintain stable pricing and maximize profits, so a uniform 120Hz display could streamline production processes.

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