Potential screen burn-in issue with One UI 6.0 on Galaxy devices


  • Samsung is updating its phones and tablets to Android 14, with over a dozen models already updated
  • Galaxy devices running One UI 6.0 are vulnerable to screen burn-in issues due to pixel shift technology not working properly
  • OLED displays use pixel shift technology to prevent screen burn-in issues by moving the picture on the screen around periodically
  • Some users have reported the issue to Samsung and it may be a bug in One UI 6.0 that needs to be fixed

Samsung Update to Android 14

Samsung has updated over a dozen models of its phones and tablets to Android 14, along with One UI 6.0. The update has gone through a lengthy beta phase and is generally stable, but some users have noticed issues with the pixel shift feature, leaving Galaxy devices vulnerable to screen burn-in problems.

Galaxy Devices Susceptible to Screen Burn-In

OLED displays use pixel shift technology to prevent screen burn-in issues, but some users are reporting that the pixel shift feature is not working properly on One UI 6.0, specifically with the status bar elements not moving when switching screen orientation. This suggests that the UI elements are static and not moving to protect pixels from burn-in issues.

Possible Bug in One UI 6.0

The issue has been reported to Samsung, and it is suspected that the problem stems from a bug in the new One UI version. Users have urged others to report the issue, and it is hoped that Samsung is aware of this and is working on a fix.

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