Samsung Denies Working on Mid-Range Foldable Device


  • Foldable phones have gained significant traction in recent years, with Samsung playing a pivotal role in popularizing the concept.
  • Samsung has officially denied rumors of an affordable mid-range foldable phone, stating that they have no plans to manufacture foldable smartphones in the mid-range price category.
  • Competition in the foldable phone market is rising, with several brands entering the market to grab a share. The demand for foldable phones is expected to grow in 2024, according to Counterpoint Research.

Foldable Phones: A Brief History and the Future Ahead

Foldable phones like the OnePlus Open and Pixel Fold have been gaining popularity in recent years. Samsung played a significant role in popularizing the concept, showcasing its plans for foldable devices at its 2018 developer conference and launching the Galaxy Z Fold soon after. However, their high prices have been a barrier to widespread adoption.

Samsung Denies Rumors of Affordable Foldable

Rumors of a mid-range foldable phone from Samsung scheduled for 2024 have been officially denied by the company. Despite earlier reports suggesting a possible launch of affordable foldables, Samsung’s spokesperson has stated that there are no plans for foldable smartphones in the mid-range price category.

Recent reports have contradicted Samsung’s denial, claiming that the company may in fact be planning to launch mid-range foldable phones in 2024. While Samsung has denied any plans for a foldable below $500, it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of an affordable foldable in the future. This comes as competition in the market continues to grow, with several brands entering the foldable phone market to compete with Samsung.

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