Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Moves to Android 14


  • Samsung is rolling out the Android 14 update with One UI 6.0 to the Galaxy S21 series in Europe.
  • The update brings new and improved camera features, UI changes, and more powerful editing tools to Galaxy phones, along with over 60 vulnerability patches and security fixes.
  • The update will also be coming to other markets, including the US, and will expand coverage to the Galaxy S21 FE in the future.
  • Samsung plans to update the vast majority of eligible models to Android 14 and One UI 6.0 before the end of the year, ahead of their initial schedule.

Galaxy S21 Series Updates to Android 14

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series is now receiving the One UI 6.0 update, based on Android 14. It’s currently available in Europe, with other markets including the US soon to follow. The update brings numerous changes and improvements, with the rollout happening at an accelerated pace.

Update Availability and Features

The new firmware build number for Galaxy S21 phones in Europe is G99*BXXU9FWK2. The OTA file for the update weighs about 2.2GB for the base model and is expected to be similar for the Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra. While the build number and file size may vary slightly depending on the region and model, the content of the update remains unchanged. Users can check for updates in their settings.

One UI 6.0 is a significant update, bringing changes to the Quick Settings layout, notification panel, camera features, editing tools, and security fixes. The update is also expected to include over 60 vulnerability patches and a host of new features. The Galaxy S21 FE will also receive the update, with few feature limitations due to hardware constraints.

Updated Roadmap and Expectations

Samsung plans to update the majority of eligible models to Android 14 before the end of the year. Although the initial release for the Galaxy S21 series was scheduled for December, Samsung is pushing the updated at an accelerated rate. The company has not yet released updates for other Galaxy phones and tablets, but there’s an expectation of additional updates in the near future.

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