Samsung Maintains Dual-CEO Structure, TM Roh Not Promoted to CEO


  • Samsung has announced a leadership reshuffle, promoting some executives and moving others to new roles, but will keep its dual-CEO structure.
  • Despite leading Samsung’s mobile division successfully, TM Roh will not be promoted to the position of third co-CEO.
  • Yong Seok-woo, formerly the Vice President of the Visual Display Business, will now lead the unit as President, while Co-CEO Kyung takes up the role of SAIT Director.
  • As part of the reshuffle, Samsung has established a Future Business Planning Group dedicated to discovering new businesses and business opportunities.

  • Samsung recently announced a reshuffle in their leadership. Some executives got promoted, while others found themselves in new roles. However, the company’s dual-CEO structure remains unchanged.

    This means that TM Roh, the mobile boss, hasn’t been promoted to the position of the third co-CEO. TM Roh has been leading Samsung’s mobile division, known as Samsung MX, for the past few years. He’s often seen on stage at Galaxy Unpacked events, unveiling the latest flagships and foldables.

    Roh is expected to make an appearance in San Jose in January 2024. He’ll be introducing the Galaxy S24 series. Despite the recent ups and downs in the business, Samsung has decided to stick with him.

    Lately, the unit has been performing well. This led to rumors that Roh might be promoted to CEO, serving as the third co-CEO of Samsung. However, the Korean giant decided against this, choosing to stick with its existing dual-CEO structure.

    This means Han Jong-hee and Kyung Kye-hyun will continue as the two Chief Executive Officers. Han, who is also a Vice Chairman at Samsung, will continue to lead the DX Division. This division includes the Visual Display Business, Digital Appliances Business, Health & Medical Equipment Business, MX Business, and Networks Business.

    Han is also the head of the Home Appliances Division. However, he’s stepping down from his role as the head of the Visual Display Business (TV unit). Samsung announced that Yong Seok-woo, the former Vice President of the Visual Display Business, will now lead the unit as the President.

    Co-CEO Kyung is taking up the role of SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) Director. He’ll continue to lead the DS Division (Device Solutions or semiconductor unit). SAIT is Samsung’s research and development unit.

    In Samsung’s latest leadership shuffle, Kim Won-kyung got promoted. He was the Head of the Global Public Affairs Team under the Management Support Office of the DX Division. Now, he’s the Head of Global Public Affairs for the entire company.

    Samsung also formed a Future Business Planning Group. They appointed Jeon Young-hyun as its Vice Chairman and Head. Jeon was previously the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Samsung SDI (battery unit).

    The Future Business Planning Group is a dedicated organization. Its focus is on discovering new businesses and business opportunities that can change the future industry landscape. Samsung is looking for ways to expand into new territories in the coming years. The company will soon announce its lower-level executive shuffling.

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