Samsung Patent Reveals Smartphone with Extendable Display

Samsung‘s got a new trick up its sleeve. A patent for a ‘square-shaped smartphone’ with an extendable display has been revealed. It’s turning heads, and for good reason. This innovation could solve some of the issues we’ve seen with flexible displays in foldable phones.

David Kowalski on X and Websiterating were the ones to uncover and share this patent. It’s a game-changer, folks.

So, what’s the big problem this patent is tackling? Well, it’s all about the rollable display.

Smartphone manufacturers have been working hard to improve the hinge mechanism on foldable devices. You’ve seen it in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the OnePlus Open. The goal? To stop the pricey display panel from cracking over time. But there’s still a hitch.

That darn crease on the display panel. It’s a bit of an eyesore and takes some getting used to.

In the foldable design, the display folds with a tiny radius of curvature. This results in an unwanted crease over the hinge area. But this new extendable form factor could be the solution. It’s reported to increase the radius of the curved shape and could possibly eliminate the crease.

And that’s not all. This ‘square-shaped Samsung smartphone with an extendable screen’ also tackles the issue of the spring-back effect in metal layers of extendable displays.

Now, let’s talk about the patent’s specifics. It introduces a display panel with three distinct portions. It’s all about parallel alignment and unique connections. The design includes a support member with three support parts, one of which is curved. This adds to the display’s flexibility and resilience.

Different portions of the display panel extend in various directions. This gives the device’s form factor a boost in versatility. The patent also details a manufacturing method that uses a sliding core for bending, filling the support member, and bonding components with adhesive.

This patent is a big leap for Samsung in the world of flexible display technology. It could mean more robust, durable, and versatile foldable devices in the future. The innovations in the patent could lead to a new generation of displays that perfectly balance flexibility with reliability.

Imagine the possibilities. We could see a phone with a rollable display. It’s an exciting time for tech, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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