Samsung to Unveil Galaxy S24 Series on Wednesday

Samsung‘s got something big coming up. It’s the Unpacked event, happening in San Jose, California. The date? This Wednesday. The time? 10 AM PT or 1 PM ET.

Can’t make it? No worries. You can catch the whole thing on YouTube. We’ve even got the livestream right here. So, you can join in the fun with us.

This is a first for Samsung. Unpacked in Silicon Valley? That’s new. Usually, the Galaxy S event is in San Francisco. The Galaxy Fold/Note event? That’s in August in New York City. But last year, Samsung switched it up and held it in South Korea. Now, it’s San Jose’s turn for the Galaxy S24. The livestream? Expect it to last about an hour, maybe a tad longer. Depends on what Samsung’s got up its sleeve.

What’s on the agenda for Unpacked? Well, we’re expecting some shiny new hardware. The Galaxy S24 series is a given. That includes the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. But there’s more. Samsung’s been hinting at the debut of Galaxy AI. And let’s not forget about One UI 6.1, the first major upgrade to One UI 6 since Android 14 rolled out last year. It’s pretty standard for Galaxy S phones to launch with a dot-one update to One UI.

The Galaxy S24 series has some interesting features. The Galaxy S24 Ultra might come with a titanium frame, just like the iPhone 15 Pro series. But don’t expect a huge weight difference. Samsung’s older phones used Armor Aluminum instead of Stainless Steel. We’re also expecting some camera upgrades. Rumor has it, the Galaxy S24 Ultra might ditch the 10x optical zoom lens this year. We’re hoping that’s not true.

There might be a few other surprises. Some whispers suggest pricing for the Galaxy Book 4, announced in December. And the Galaxy Fit 3 might make an appearance. We’ve seen a lot of leaks about it recently. Either way, we’re stoked to see what Samsung has in store for us.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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