Samsung Unveils February 2024 Security Update for Galaxy Devices

On a chilly Monday, Samsung decided it was time to beef up security. They rolled out the February 2024 security update for their Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 in Europe. But wait, there’s more. They’re not stopping there. The update’s going global, hitting other devices soon.

So, what’s in the box? This update is no small fry. It’s packed with 69 vulnerability patches. Yep, you heard that right. And among these, three are critical. That’s some serious patching.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper, shall we? Samsung’s security bulletin got a fresh update. The February 2024 SMR (that’s Security Maintenance Release for us mortals) is brimming with fixes. We’re talking 61 Android OS patches and 8 Galaxy-specific ones. The thing is, these Android issues aren’t just Samsung’s headache. They’re a pain for any brand rocking Android, but Google‘s on it. They’ve patched three critical and 58 high-severity issues this month. Talk about heavy lifting.

Google’s got something to say about the nastiest bugs squashed this month. These baddies could let hackers run code on your device from afar. No extra permissions needed. Scary, right? But if your device is up to date with the February 2024 patch, you’re in the clear. Those vulnerabilities? Gone.

But wait, there’s a twist. Google’s latest Android Security Bulletin spills the beans on four more patches. Samsung devices dodge two of them, but the other two? Samsung’s already got them covered. As for Galaxy-specific issues, we’re looking at a mix of moderate and high-severity vulnerabilities. These are the so-called Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items. Other Android brands? They don’t have these problems. Samsung’s been busy patching up things like GameOptimizer, Smart Suggestions, and even the Auto Hotspot. There was this one bug where if someone was just hanging around your device, they could sneak into your mobile hotspot. Not cool, but it’s fixed now.

And who’s first in line for this security feast? The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, of course. But Samsung’s not stopping there. The Galaxy S24 series, the S23 series, and a bunch of other devices are on the list. They’ll be getting their security treats soon. We’ll keep an eye out for you. In the meantime, don’t forget to check your Galaxy device’s settings for updates. You never know what goodies you’ll find.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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