Secure Galaxy S24 with UAG Kevlar Case

So, you’ve pre-ordered the Galaxy S24, huh? Good on ya! Now, let’s talk about keeping that shiny new toy safe. You know, with a case.

Enter UAG. That’s Urban Armor Gear for the uninitiated. They’ve got a whole new line of cases for the Galaxy S24 series. And boy, do they have options.

Twelve, to be exact. All but one are old favorites. Like the Monarch Pro Kevlar and Monarch Pro cases. These bad boys are the toughest of the lot. They’ve got 25 feet of drop protection. So, if you’re a bit clumsy, no worries.

These cases also have a soft, impact-resistant core. So, your new phone stays new. Plus, they’re wireless charger compatible and have a raised screen surround. Fancy, right?

But, quality comes at a price. The Monarch Pro cases will set you back $99.95 for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. But hey, can you really put a price on peace of mind?

UAG’s got your Galaxy S24 covered

Now, don’t get me wrong. All UAG cases are designed to protect your device. The Monarch Pro series might be the toughest, but the others aren’t slouches.

Take the new Plasma XTE series case. It’s got 20 feet of drop protection. Plus, it’s got some neat features. Like a fold-out kickstand for hands-free video watching. And an “integrated magnet module” that’s compatible with third-party accessories.

And the best part? The Plasma XTE cases start at $59.95. That’s a steal compared to the Monarch Pro Kevlar.

But wait, there’s more. The Plyo series cases start at $39.95. They’ve got 16 feet of drop protection and a raised screen surround. And yes, they’re also wireless charging compatible.

The only downside? No magnet module. But hey, you can’t have everything.

All 12 cases are available from January 17. You can snag ’em on Amazon or directly from UAG.

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