Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 Supports 4.3K at 90fps on XR Devices

Qualcomm’s got some news. They’ve spilled the beans on their Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 Platform. This baby’s built for top-tier XR devices. It’s a single-chip architecture, designed to amp up immersive experiences in Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The new platform’s got some serious specs. It’ll deliver 4.3K resolution per eye at 90 frames per second. Or, if you prefer, 3.7K per eye at a whopping 120fps.

But that’s not all. It offers a 15% higher GPU frequency and a 20% higher CPU frequency. Supports 12 concurrent cameras too. This means robust tracking of the user’s movement and navigation in both the real and digital world.

Hugo Swart, the big cheese of XR at Qualcomm, is pretty stoked about the platform. He reckons it’s got the potential to revolutionize XR productivity and entertainment. The Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 is set to deliver stunningly clear visuals. It’s gonna make the upcoming XR/MR devices perfect for diverse applications. We’re talking room-scale screens, life-size overlays, and virtual desktops.

This innovation is right in line with Qualcomm’s commitment. They’re all about powering top-notch XR devices and advancing the immersive future.

Samsung‘s getting in on the action too. They’re teaming up with Qualcomm and Google to leverage the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2. The aim? To create an unparalleled XR experience for Galaxy users.

Google’s VP of AR, Shahram Izadi, is also buzzing about the collaboration. He’s excited about working with Qualcomm Technologies and Samsung to shape the future of immersive and spatial XR. Industry experts are predicting big things. They think the capabilities of the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 will unlock new possibilities for the Android ecosystem. This could enable innovative XR experiences.

There’s more. Qualcomm Technologies has revealed a new MR & VR reference design. It features eye-tracking tech from Tobii and was developed by Goertek. This design supports both 3K per eye (Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2) and 4K per eye (Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2) configurations. It’s a valuable tool for OEMs, helping them speed up their time to market.

The Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 platform is a premium option for pricier headsets. It’s all about fully tetherless experiences. Qualcomm’s got some partnerships in the works too. They’re teaming up with Immersed’s Visor, Samsung’s upcoming Google-powered headset, a new HTC Vive headset, a YVR headset in China, and a fifth headset that’s still under wraps. Qualcomm’s positioning the platform to compete with high-end offerings. Think Apple’s Vision Pro. They’re promising pixel-level precision and significantly improved spatial computing experiences.

Source: Qualcomm.

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