Sundar Pichai Recommends Using Play Store for Apps


  • Sideloading apps has become a controversial topic, with potential security risks involved
  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai has warned against sideloading apps due to concerns about malware and compromised safety
  • Google’s Play Store has implemented measures to scan sideloaded apps for malware, indicating increased control over app distribution on Android
  • Apple may be forced to allow sideloading of apps on iPhones due to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, despite its previous stance on user safety and data protection

**Sundar Pichai advises against sideloading apps**
Google CEO Sundar Pichai doesn’t like sideloading apps from third-party stores. During a court hearing, he expressed concerns about the potential security risks involved in sideloading apps.
**Security concerns about sideloading apps**
Sundar Pichai warned against sideloading due to potential security risks. He mentioned that it could expose users to malware and compromise their safety, contradicting Android’s open-source philosophy.
**Google’s control over app distribution on Android**
Google’s update now scans third-party apps installed on Android devices and tightens its grip on the app ecosystem. However, the Play Store has a history of delisting apps and a recent report found over 600 million malicious apps downloaded from the Play Store in 2023.
**Apple may allow sideloading apps on iPhone**
The EU’s Digital Markets Act may force Apple to allow sideloading apps on the iPhone by 2024, but it will be limited to EU users. Apple has never allowed sideloading due to security risks, but the future of app distribution on the iPhone will become more clear in the coming days.
**Elicited mixed reactions from users and developers**
Pichai’s statements regarding sideloading apps are likely to elicit mixed reactions from users and developers, especially considering the ongoing legal battle with Epic Games.

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