WhatsApp Backups to Consume Google Drive Storage Space

Oh, WhatsApp. We all use it, especially for work stuff, right? And keeping all that data safe is a big deal. You just never know when you’re gonna need to dig up an old message. That’s why backing up your chats is a thing. iPhone folks? They use iCloud. Android users? Google Drive’s their go-to. But here’s the kicker: those WhatsApp backups are now munching away at your Google Drive storage space.

Back in the day, specifically since 2018, Android users had it sweet. They could back up their WhatsApp data to Google Drive without it eating into their storage quota. For anyone sticking to the free 15GB Google Drive offers, this was a dream. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

And now, for the headline news: WhatsApp backups will start counting towards your Google Drive storage. Didn’t see that coming? Well, WhatsApp did hint at this change back in November. They mentioned this shift would kick in by early 2024. Guess what? It’s early 2024, and the change is upon us. If your WhatsApp is bursting at the seams with data, you might wanna check how much of your Google Drive it’s hogging.

Wondering how to check? Easy. Pop open the Google One app. Hit the storage tab. You’ll see a breakdown of your storage use across Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, and the like. WhatsApp data? It’s tucked under “Other”. That’s where you’ll see the space it’s taking up.

Now, onto managing your data. Want to slim down your WhatsApp data footprint? Head to the WhatsApp section in your storage settings. You’ll see all your WhatsApp files laid out. Time to play the keep-or-toss game with your files. You might be surprised at what you no longer need.

Thinking of stopping your WhatsApp backups altogether? Here’s how: Open WhatsApp, tap on Settings, then Chats. Scroll down to chat backup. About halfway down, there’s the “Backup to Google Drive” option. Tap that and select “Never” at the top. And just like that, you’re out of the backup game.

Remember, folks, keeping an eye on your digital footprint is key. Whether it’s WhatsApp data or anything else, knowing where your data is and managing it wisely is the way to go.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz is the driving force behind AndroidStatus. Craig has earned praise for his vast knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. He is an indispensable member of the AndroidStatus team, devoted to brining our readers insightful information about the Android ecosystem.

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