WhatsApp Channels introduces message editing feature with a catch


1. WhatsApp has introduced message editing in its Channels feature, allowing users to edit individual messages posted in Channels.
2. Users have up to 30 days to edit the content within each message, and edited messages will display an indicator next to their timestamp for transparency.
3. The editing process is simple, with different methods for Android and browser users.
4. However, there are limitations to this feature – users who follow a channel won’t receive a notification when a message is edited, and editing is only applicable to text content, not media or files.

WhatsApp Introduces Message Editing in Channels

WhatsApp has recently implemented message editing in its Channels feature, giving users more control over their posts. While other platforms have had this feature for a while, WhatsApp is now catching up by allowing individuals to edit messages in Channels. This update offers transparency by indicating when a message has been edited after it was initially posted.

How Does Message Editing Work?

To edit a message in Channels, simply tap and hold the message you want to edit, then select “Edit” from the menu options. On Android, you can find the three-dot menu, tap it, and choose the “Edit” option to make changes. Once you finish editing, tap the checkmark to save the changes. On a browser, hover over the message and select “Edit” from the dropdown menu.

Important Points to Note

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding message editing in Channels. Firstly, edited messages will not trigger a notification for users who follow the channel, ensuring that their notifications are not disrupted. However, this means that users may not be aware that the previously conveyed information has been changed.

It is also worth noting that this update only applies to editing text content in messages. Photos, videos, and other types of media or files cannot be edited at this time.

(Source: WhatsApp)

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