WhatsApp email verification for iPhone users now available


  • WhatsApp is rolling out an email verification feature to iOS users as an alternative to SMS verification for authenticating accounts.
  • The email verification feature is now accessible to all iPhone users, offering a valuable alternative for users with limited cellular coverage.
  • Users can add an email address to their account for access, and this feature will be rolled out to all users, including Android users, in the coming weeks.
  • A phone number is still required to use WhatsApp, but the platform is developing a feature to let users set a shareable username instead of a phone number.

WhatsApp’s new email verification feature for iOS users

WhatsApp has officially launched its email verification feature for iOS users, as reported by WABetaInfo. With the new update, iPhone users can now add an email address for account authentication in addition to SMS verification. This feature will be especially useful for users in areas with limited cellular coverage, or for travelers who may lose access to their phone but still need to use WhatsApp. To add an email address, users can navigate to the “Your Profile” tab, select the “Account” menu, and tap on “Email Address.” The email address will be solely used for account access and will not be visible to other users. While this feature is currently limited to iOS users, WhatsApp plans to expand it to Android users in the near future.

Phone number still required for WhatsApp use

It’s important to note that the email address is only for authentication purposes, and a phone number is still required to use WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to set a shareable username instead of a phone number, similar to Telegram’s username feature. In addition to the email verification feature, WhatsApp has been introducing a range of new updates, including an AI chatbot available for WhatsApp beta for Android users.

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