WhatsApp Introduces Custom Stickers for iOS Users

WhatsApp, huh? It’s a biggie in the world of messaging platforms. Packed with features and always evolving. One cool thing? You can make stickers from your own photos. But, hold on. A new report suggests they’re about to crank it up a notch.

Custom stickers for iOS users? Yep, that’s what WhatsApp is rolling out.

Stickers, right? They’re a big deal in online chats. Why type “I’m excited” when you can slap on a sticker of a dog doing a thumbs-up? It’s a fun twist on communication, and WhatsApp is making it personal.

Here’s the deal. You can already use your own photos as stickers. Just drag and drop them into your WhatsApp chat. Easy-peasy.

But, here’s the big news. WhatsApp is introducing custom stickers for iOS users.

This new feature? It’s for those running iOS 17. You can tweak your stickers to your heart’s content. Just tap the sticker tray, hit the ‘Create Sticker’ button, and pick your image. A simple editing interface pops up. Add text, doodle on it, paste cut-outs. You’re the boss.

Done with your masterpiece? Add it to your chat. It’s a fun, personal touch to your conversations.

But, here’s the catch. This feature isn’t for everyone.

For now, it’s only iPhone users who can edit their stickers. No word yet on when Android users will get this feature. But hey, at least Android is finally getting text formatting tools.

And one more thing. You can’t use custom stickers if you’re on an iOS version older than 17. So, keep that in mind.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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