WhatsApp Text Formatting Tools Now Available on Android Beta

Let’s face it. New mobile apps? They usually hit iOS first. Then, they land on Android. That’s the drill. And it’s no different with WhatsApp’s text formatting tools.

These tools? They’ve been in testing for the iOS beta for a bit. But now, they’ve finally landed on the Android beta.

So, what do these tools look like? Well, check out the screenshot below. You’ll see a quote block, a code block, and two types of bullet points. These little guys can add some visual pizzazz to your WhatsApp messages. Especially handy when you’re typing out a long message with a list of items.

Now, when will this update go public? Good question. It’s still in beta testing. It’s likely to make it to the stable release, but hey, it’s still in beta. Things can change. So, stay tuned to see when WhatsApp decides to launch the feature.

WhatsApp formatting tools on Android? Yep, they’ve been spotted. Android beta users have been waiting for this for a while. We first saw these tools months ago, but only for those using the iOS beta. Now, Android users can give it a whirl.

But here’s the catch. Not all Android beta users will see this feature. WhatsApp is testing it on a select group of users. So, even if you have the latest version, you might not see it.

The version we’re talking about is If you’re a beta tester, check if you have that build number. If not, see if there’s an update available.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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