X Bringing Back Headlines to Posts After Short Hiatus


  • Removal of headlines from Twitter / X and its subsequent return after Elon Musk’s acquisition
  • Impact of headline removal on the platform’s usability and significance for news and information
  • Changes in the format of headline previews upon their return
  • Reaction to the reinstatement of headlines and its reception by users

Elon Musk’s Changes to Twitter / X

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter / X has undergone various changes, some of which have been more popular than others. One of the more controversial changes was the removal of headlines from posts, which made links less visible on the platform. However, they are making a return. Fortunately, this move only impacted iOS and web users, not Android users.

Return of Headlines

Twitter / X will soon be displaying headlines again on URL cards. This announcement came shortly after Musk shared an article from Reuters without a headline preview, suggesting that his own experience may have influenced this decision.

Reason for Headline Removal

Elon Musk had removed headlines and subheads from shared URLs in an effort to improve aesthetics. However, this move made it difficult for users who relied on Twitter / X for news, as an image is not enough to catch the attention of readers. Musk noted that the “title” will now be in the “upper portion,” which is a change from the previous format.

Reactions to the Changes

While some users mocked Musk for reinstating a feature he had initially chosen to remove, the decision to bring back headlines has generally been well-received, despite Musk’s ongoing dislike for the previous URL cards.

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Craig Diaz
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