X Launches Two New Premium Subscription Tiers


1. X (formerly Twitter) has introduced two new premium tiers in addition to their existing Free Berry and Premium Punch tiers.
2. The basic plan is available for $3/month and offers most of the perks of the standard $8/month tier, but without the verification badge, reduced ads, access to Media Studio, and with a slight algorithmic boost for posts/replies.
3. The most expensive plan, X Premium+, is available for $16/month and offers no ads, the biggest boost for posts/replies, and access to the full suite of creator tools.
4. These new premium tiers are only available on the web version of X and signing up through the app may result in higher costs.

X Premium Tiers: More Options for Users

Previously, X (formerly Twitter) offered two tiers: “Free Berry” and “Premium Punch.” However, the company has recently introduced two new X Premium tiers, expanding the options available to users.

The Standard X Premium Tier

The standard X Premium tier, priced at $8/month, offers various perks such as reduced ads, longer posts, an algorithmic boost to replies, and more. Prominent figures like Elon Musk have been utilizing this tier, leaving free users behind.

Introducing Two New Premium Tiers

To provide users with more variety in their subscription plans, X has launched two additional payment tiers. These options flank the basic X Premium plan in terms of price, with one tier being more expensive while the other is cheaper.

The Basic Plan: $3/month

The cheaper plan, called the basic plan, costs $3/month. Although it is the most affordable option, it also has the fewest perks. While it includes most of the benefits of the standard $8/month tier, users with the basic plan won’t have the verification badge, reduced ads, access to the Media Studio, or a significant algorithmic boost for their posts and replies.

X Premium+: $16/month

On the other hand, the most expensive plan is called X Premium+. Priced at $16/month, it offers notable advantages compared to the other tiers. With X Premium+, users enjoy an ad-free experience, the most significant boost for their posts and replies, and access to the complete suite of creator tools. However, whether these extras are worth double the price of the regular X Premium tier is for users to decide.

How to Sign Up

Users can sign up for these payment tiers today, but they are only available on the web version of X. It should be noted that signing up through the app may result in higher costs.

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