X (previously known as Twitter) introduces voice and video calling for Android.


1. X (formerly Twitter) is introducing voice and video calling for Android, addressing the lack of communication methods on the platform.
2. The feature will initially be available to users with an X Premium subscription, but receiving calls is available to all users.
3. Users can control who can call them from the Direct Messages settings, preventing unwanted calls from strangers.
4. While the introduction of voice and video calling is a nice feature to have, it may not be seen as a major release considering the numerous other methods available for making and receiving calls.

## X (formerly Twitter) Prepares to Bring Voice and Video Calling to Android

Right now, many of us are curious about what’s happening with X (formerly Twitter). Elon Musk’s decisions have taken the platform on a downhill spiral, and things don’t seem to be improving. However, X is now getting ready to introduce voice and video calling for Android users.

X stands out among social media platforms on the internet. While other platforms offer more efficient ways to contact people, such as direct messaging, X only has DMs. Although it’s not X’s biggest issue, the lack of communication methods is a concern that users want addressed.

## Voice and Video Calling Comes to X’s Android Version

We all know the drill when it comes to new features on our favorite social media sites; they tend to launch on iOS first. The voice and video calling feature initially became available for iOS, but X is planning to bring it to Android soon.

Although X has yet to make an official announcement, a how-to page for the feature was found, indicating an upcoming arrival on Android. So, when it finally arrives, make sure to update your app.

## An X Premium Subscription Is Needed for Voice and Video Calling

If you’re eager to use X for calling your friends, bear in mind that an X Premium subscription is required. This isn’t surprising considering that most of Musk’s introduced features are for paying customers.

However, you don’t need to be a premium member to receive calls; payment is only necessary if you want to initiate a call. Furthermore, the person you want to call must have messaged you first. This is a good precaution to prevent calls from unfamiliar individuals. Additionally, you have control over who can call you through the Direct Messages settings.

## Is Voice and Video Calling a Major Release for X?

Although this feature may be exciting for frequent Twitter users, its significance as a major release is uncertain. With numerous other methods available for making and receiving calls, it remains to be seen how significant this addition will be. Nonetheless, it is still a valuable feature to have.

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