XGIMI’s New Projector Also Functions as Ceiling Lamp

XGIMI’s got some new toys for us. They’ve just unveiled two new projectors at CES. One’s called the Aladdin. It’s a projector that’s also a ceiling lamp. Pretty cool, huh?

Then there’s the Horizon Max. This one’s got 4K resolution, just like its sibling, the Horizon Pro. It’s also super bright, with 3,100 ISO lumens. But that’s not all. It’s got an IMAX Enhanced certification. That means it can play IMAX Enhanced content, if you can find it. Right now, it’s only available on a few services, like Disney+ and Sony’s new Bravia Core.

The idea here is simple. You get to watch IMAX content at home, no need to hit the theater. XGIMI’s giving you that with the Horizon Max. Plus, it runs Google TV. So, you can access Disney+ through the Play Store. The Aladdin does too, but it’s not as bright and doesn’t have the IMAX Enhanced capabilities.

Now, let’s talk about the Aladdin. It’s a 3-in-1 device. If you’re after a bright 4K projector, this might not be your first choice. But, it’s got a trick up its sleeve. It’s designed to blend in with your home decor. It’s hidden within a ceiling lamp, so it’s almost out of sight. Unlike other ceiling-mounted projectors, the Aladdin can fit anywhere, thanks to its unassuming, round design.

And it’s got another surprise. It’s got a built-in Bluetooth speaker. So, you can use it for music. The speakers deliver 360-degree spatial audio for a more immersive sound experience. And they’re built by Harman Kardon. XGIMI hasn’t confirmed pricing for the Aladdin yet, or if it’ll get a US release.

The Horizon Max, though, should “cost less than $3,000.” XGIMI plans to launch it in the second half of the year. And according to TechRadar, the Aladdin might launch in the US around the same time.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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