YouTube Music’s “Now Playing” screen receives a fresh gradient upgrade


1. YouTube Music is constantly updating its visual interface, with the latest update being a new gradient look for the Now Playing screen.
2. Currently, the background of the Now Playing screen in YouTube Music matches the color of the album art, but the new gradient look will provide a lighter to darker shade of the color.
3. The bottom bar of the interface, which includes buttons for “Up Next,” “Lyrics,” and “Related,” will blend into the background in the new gradient look, with the text appearing to float.
4. The exact release date of this feature is unknown, but users can ensure they can see it by updating their YouTube Music app through the Play Store.

## YouTube Music’s New Gradient Look

YouTube Music has undergone several visual updates in the past year, and now it’s getting a new gradient look for the Now Playing screen. Previously, the background of the screen matched the color of the album art, adding a touch of style to the user interface. The same color scheme was applied to the widget as well.

However, YouTube Music is now testing a new design that introduces a gradient effect to the interface. In the screenshot provided, the top of the interface features a lighter shade of the color that gradually becomes darker. Although the color darkens quickly, it still maintains a pleasing aesthetic.

Furthermore, the bottom bar, which houses buttons for Up Next, Lyrics, and Related, currently has a different shade of color compared to the rest of the background. In the new design, the bottom bar seamlessly blends into the background, allowing the buttons’ text to float within the interface.

As of now, it is unclear when YouTube plans to roll out this feature to the public. Android Headlines, a source that reported on the update, has not seen the change yet. Therefore, it may still be in the testing phase with a limited audience or not widely released. To ensure you can access the new design, make sure your YouTube Music app is fully updated by checking the Play Store for available updates.

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