YouTube videos on Android app: Rounded corners update


1. The Android YouTube app is adding rounded corners to its videos as part of a broader change to the platform’s aesthetic.
2. The rounded corners can be seen on video thumbnails in the main video feed of the app.
3. It is unclear if the rounded corners will also apply to the actual video when viewing its page.
4. YouTube is testing miniature games on the platform, potentially focusing on mobile games to increase user engagement.
5. The specific games that will be available and the launch date for the games are currently unknown.

The YouTube Android app is getting rounded corners for the videos

According to Android Police, the Android YouTube app will now have rounded corners for its videos. This update is part of YouTube’s broader effort to give the platform a new look and feel. They have already made changes such as adding rounded buttons and other Material You influences to the platform.

Currently, the rounded corners update is gradually rolling out to devices. Users will notice the rounded corners on the video thumbnails in their main video feed, along with some empty space on either side of the thumbnails. While this change doesn’t dramatically alter the interface, it does give it a slightly different aesthetic. The screenshot below shows the new design.

It’s important to note that it is unclear if the rounded corners will also apply to the actual video when viewing its page. The screenshot only showcases the video feed. We will have to wait and see if this applies to the video itself as more people receive the update.

In other YouTube news

YouTube is currently testing miniature games on the platform. These games are simple titles that users can play directly in their browser. Although the specific games that will be available are not known yet, one game called Stack Bounce, which is already popular as an app, has been mentioned.

It seems that YouTube will primarily host mobile games with the goal of increasing user engagement and keeping people on the platform for longer periods of time. The launch date for these games has not been announced yet.

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