YouTube’s AI-based feature to emulate your preferred music style


1. YouTube is working on an AI tool to allow users to sound like their favorite music artists.
2. The company is facing challenges as it is reaching out to record labels to discuss the tool and is yet to receive approval.
3. The use of AI in music and art industries has sparked controversy, as it raises questions about the rights of individual artists and their voice.
4. The future of this YouTube AI tool remains uncertain and may or may not be developed.

Sure, you love music artists on streaming services, but wouldn’t you want to sound like them? Well, YouTube wants to help you do that with an AI tool it’s working on. However, the company is facing some hurdles with it.

AI voice cloning is something we’re all familiar with. It’s the ability of artificial intelligence to emulate a person’s voice. It used to be just something we saw in sci-fi movies, but now it’s a reality and we’ve seen some major effects from it. Remember the fake song by Drake and The Weeknd? Even CD Projekt Red used AI to clone the voice of a deceased voice actor.

YouTube is currently developing an AI tool to make you sound like your favorite artists. However, we don’t know if this tool will actually be released. Sources close to the matter have revealed that YouTube has been reaching out to different record labels to discuss the tool. However, the sources have chosen to remain anonymous.

Asking record labels if they’d be okay with YouTube using their artists’ voices to train its AI models is a steep request. So far, none of the labels have given YouTube the green light. It’s a controversial move, as AI has sparked debates and concerns in various industries, including tech, music, and art. Not everyone is happy with the direction AI is taking.

This YouTube AI tool poses some ethical concerns. While YouTube is contacting record labels and music companies, we also need to consider how the individual artists feel about this. If an artist has built their career on their unique voice, they may not want it to be used by everyone. Unfortunately, if a music company accepts YouTube’s offer, the artists may not have a say in the matter.

We’ll have to wait and see if this feature becomes a reality. It’s possible that this AI tool may never come to fruition.

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Craig Diaz
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